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Why Do I Have Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is often caused from something going wrong with your hormones and they just seem to go out of balance.
An increase in estrogen which is typically a hormone in woman gets to a level that matches something called androgens which are your male hormones.

Gynecomastia often happens to teenage boys about the time of their puberty because the hormones are going wild and definably go out of balance just before the voice breaks and body hair forms.
Some refer to Gynecomatia around puberty as physiologic Gynecomastia.

Everyone no matter wether they are female or male have female and male hormones and after puberty a man will normally develop more male hormones (the androgens) and a woman will develop overpowering female hormones (estrogens) which help to turn them from a boy into a man or from a girl into a woman.
Recent studies for the male and female hormones in peoe around puberty time have shown that some people have as low as 5% and in some boys they can even be as great as 70% do this shows clearly why some boys get man boobs and other keep a firm chest or even develop strong pectoral muscles.

In most cases of hormone related Gynecomastia the cause of hormone fluctuations which throws them out of balance creating unusual amounts of chest fat will balance out on its own and the chest fat will just slowly disappear.
When Gynecomastia stays around for more than 2 or 3 years it often seems to want to stay around forever and this lingering chest fat that sticks around after 2 years is called persistant pubertal gynecomastia.

Medical Conditions can create gynecomastia.

If you have suffered from malnutrituon or similar conditions that make you lose weight fast to an excessivly low weight the process of putting the weight back on can turn into gynocamstia due to your body having to work harder to recover.

The liver could be the reason you have Gyneocomastia.

Your liver processes waste from your body and in an extreme case where you have cirrhosis of the liver the male breast will increase in size very quickly which creates very visible gynecomastia. If you drink excessively and are often dehydrated your body could create the fatty deposits on your chest due to a lack of detoxification coming from the lack of liver function.
Male sex organ disorders often cause gynecomastia.

One of the biggest causes of man boobs is a disorder in the testes which can be caused by many different conditions and if you think this is the case and your gynecomastia persists after a full course of Gynexin you need to go see a urologist.
Drug side effects could be the reason you have Gynecomastia.

A diuretic called spironolactone (Aidactone) is known to have something in it or some process that reduces your male hormones called anti-androgenic activitys.
If you use skin oils or care products that contain lavender oil you could be having side effects from the otherwise harmless ingredients that react to your body and create a gynemecomasta effect in you.
Antibiotics have been known to create gyecomastia as a side effect in lots of people so be vigilant if you are taking Flagyl or Xolegol

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