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Why do I have Fat Moobs?

Many people ask the question about why exactly they have fat moobs but they never give us any background as to their lifestyle or their current weight.

If you are a teenager your fat moobs could be because you have more female hormones than make hormones while your body is changing and developing.

fat moobs

Fat Moobs or Man Boobs is slang for Gynecomastia the swelling of the male breast area which can be pretty embarassing for most people when they have to have a bare chest.
People that have a good physique and dont have man boobs dont realise how often you need to take your shirt off and have a bare chest which causes great embarassment to those with fat moobs.

Going to physical education at school or when you are older you have to change at work if you have a dirty job which means you have to expose your moobs to people.

For some reason people make fun of others with chest fat and point out the fact they have fat moobs even though its a pretty delicate situation having Gynecomastia.

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