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Reduce Chest Fat

Of course we are biased and will just say that the best way to reduce chest fat is to buy some Gynexin and of course we would be half right.

If you have just chest fat and a thin body with no excess fat on any other parts of your body then the chances are this is not just simple chest fat that needs reducing only with a change of diet or exercises but indeed is actually Gynecomastia.

Think about chest fat as a very different kind of fat to belly fat and more of a medical condition rather than just from overeating or lack of exercise.

But first you have to think and ask why exactly you do you have male chest fat?

Then when you have identified the causes you can take the first steps to reduce your chest fat.

No.1 Drink lots of water.
This is so important in every aspect of your life because sometimes a puffed up body like puffed up nipples can be due to dehydration.

Dehydration is serious.
This but next that i will explain is something that lots of people never speak about but is from personal experience of myself and some of my peers.

I believe we are all dehydrated pretty much all the time.
If you aren't constantly sipping water all the time you are awake the chances are you are dehydrated.
Most of our body is made up of water and we release water through breathing, sweating and urinating to as fast as we can put the water in we are losing it.

A wealthy friend who has heart problems went to see one of the top personal trainers in the world and before she would start to train him she made him go on an intensive diet sipping water for a staggering 4 months before she could begin.

We are severely dehydrated just through life and diet but we think we can fix that in a day or with a drink and this is so untrue because re hydration takes months to get your body working and the liquid flowing right.

So the first thing you need to do is sip water all the time.
Not gulping water down out of a bottle because this can have a minimum affect and just go straight to your bladder without acting doing what is needed.

You need to be sipping so your mouth is wet all the time.

You could think that sipping bits of water all the time will make you want to pee a lot but the reverse is true and you go less often but have more water come out and have more sense of urgency.

If your pee isn't straw colored you are dehydrated. If your pee is clear you need medical tests and if you pee is at all yellow you are dehydrated.
But you are probably or most certainly dehydrated anyway.

Lets look at 3 common ways to reduce chest fat

First way to reduce chest fat has to be the most drastic way and this will be through Gynecomastia Surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery is a very expensive, painful and drastic way to reduce chest fat but for some reason people look at it first.

The surgeon will happily cut you open and remove the flesh that is making you have puffy man boobs but this is seriously still only a temporary solution because if the actual cause is not dealt with you can actually have the chest fat return.

Second way to reduce chest fat is through diet and exercise.
This wil not get rid of the actual clinical Gynecomatia but is the most effective way to reduce the swelling under the manboobs and reduce the size of them because of couse any fat will increase the size.

As i have noted way above when i was talking about hydration and exercise this is beneficial

Third way to reduce chest fat is through a years course of Gynexin which we have an exclusive discount code for.

Exercise and Gynexin must be the most effective way and of course not just the cheapest way but the least painful way unless you include the few aches and pains from exercising.

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