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Men Growing Breast Tissue

Imagine one day you look down at your chest or you take your top off and you slowly start to notice some breast tissue forming.
But you are not a 12 year old girl hitting puberty and developing budding breast and you are actually a men that is growing breast tissue!

Scary eh?

There is a difference bettween the two types of fat on your chest with one being from purely fat as in the same kind of fat you have round your belly and the other being the start of man boobs which is more pointy.

First thing is that you need to know that across the world right now there are lots of men growing breast tissue and most of the time it is treatable and nothing to worry about. As with any unexpected change to your body you really should see a doctor just to make sure there is no illness and your man breasts are a side affect.

If you suddenly grow lots of breast tissue fast you need to start exercising and drinking lots of water combined with a course of Gynexin to help reduce the breast tissue.

If you are over 40 it is pretty much expected that you wil get a bit of chest fat and some breast tissue as you age but this expectation dosent mean its any the more easier to deal with looking down and felling like less of a man.

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