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Gynexin Chest Fat Reduction Ingredients

Gynexin has long been considered the leading alternative to chest fat reduction surgery or gynecamastia surrgery due to the lack of complication and easy consumption.

The formula and ingredients for Gynexin are listed below.


Chromium Picolinate is a supplement to help with a deficiency of chromium but the true value of chromium picinolate is very undervalued by medical practiioners and they still dont fully understand the immense value for treating some medical conditions and definicencys.

Chromium Picolinate helps to supplement any lack of chromium that some people just cant get by eating a regular diet including things like cheese and yeast.

In the same way a lot of people need supplements there are some people who just cant get enough chromium as others from a regular diet so they dont get the same benefits others do. When you mix a formula that combines picolinic acids and chromium you create a mix that is easily absorbed by the body which has masisve benefits and is heavily sought after by athletes to keep their body running efficiently.

There is lots of ongoing research into Chromium Picolate for other conditions such as helping diabetics as some studies have shown that chromium picolate may have implications that could assist in reducing the resistance to insulin some long term diabetics face.

There has also been a lot of recent evidence that there are possible solutions on chromium for high cholestrol issues but like a lot of medical research this is ongoing so we are not making it as a claim that it will also reduce your cholestrol but merely saying some medical people are showing an interest in chromium picolate for that purpose.

Gullesterones are an extract from the gullgulls tree sap.

We all know about the benefits of antidoxidants and the serious research on free radicals that is going on at the moment which in short shows that over time the body oxidses and some say that antidoxitants slow down aging by the use of free radicals or something like that. Like most trees, the guggol tree creates sap in its bark and for hundreds of years the indians have known the beneficial properties of the guggul tree but like many other health bringing things from india the rest of the western world needed to catch up.

Theobromine Cacao is very much like caffeine as its an alkaloid substance which unknown to most people the benefits to health are not just undervalued but superb. Xanetheose, the main extract in Theobromine Cacoa which has a slightly bitter taste from the extract of raw unprocessed cocoa bean. Theobromine is different from caffiene as it has no effect on the central nervous system but it does stimulate the heart more than caffiene.

Green Tea Extract has recently made lots of news because researchers across the world have started to notice the increasing evidence.

Sclareoldes are an extract of something called clary sage a Saliva scalarea herb that flowers twice a year. Sclareolides help with increasing testosterone while they reduce estrogen that not just shrinks cells of fat, so very useful in slimming products and skin firming formulas.

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