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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is commonly called man boobs, moobs or chest fat and is a word from old Greece which is actually `gyne` and translated it means woman because of course larger breasts are normally associated with women. The `mastia` in Gynecomastia is old Greek for breast and we think the reason the words are Greek is partly because the launge is thought to be one of the oldest but it is also belived that the old king tut from ancient egypt had Gynecomastia or thats what the analyasis from his mummified remains show.

What kind of people get Gynecomastia?

Recent surverys and studys have shown a suprising 1/3 of the entire population of men have an ongoing problem, issue with Gynecomastia or have it and dont really care. If you think about it though it will be the younger single guys that really have issues when or if they get man boobs because older married men tend to put on a bitof weight anyway but they dont care so much because they have already found a woman.

What exactly is Alpha Formula Gynexin?

Gynexin Alpha Formula is undoubtely the very best value and safest option available to treat Gynecomastia due in part to the fact that its a non surgical procedure so it leavs no scars and there is no pain. This is a supplement of all natural indredients and has been shown to eradicate or give big reductions to the man boobs.

What quantity of tablets will there be contained in every carton of Gynexin?

Each carton contains 60 tablets and we recommend 2 tablets a day with a maximum of 4 per day so each carton lasts a month. Remember to always take Gynexin tablets with at least 200ml of water prior to eating food.

What is the process Gynexin performs on the body?

Gynexin starts to work on the fat cells in your man breasts by reducing the build up and stopping future build up of fat cells in the mammary area. The combination of ingredients we formulated in conjunction with some medical specialists quite simply disposes of fatty deposits in the man breast.

What countries does Gynexin ship to?

We ship to all countrys apart from norway.

The Gynexin order pages dont show my country in the payment options.

The merchants we use for processing online payments have agreements with a certain amount of courtys to automatically process payments and transactions. We have alternative ways of enabling payment for your contry and you just need to call us by phone so we can process you from our office but be assured that unless you are in Norway we wil find a way of helping you make the transation.

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