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Do I have Gynecomastia?

Before you undertake any kind of treatment you need to figure out if you actually have real clinical Gynecomsstia or maybe you just need to exercise more due to chest fat from obesity.

Gynecomastia is very different from just being overweight and has characteristic swelling of the nipple area which looks almost puffy in appearance.

Here are some photographs of people with Gynecomastia compared to people with just a fat chest.

Each photograph is reviewed and will explain the difference in appearance to wether they are actually Gynecomastia verses just plain chest fat.

If you want your photo to appear on this page and contribute to helping people understand Gynecomastia more we would appreciate you sending it to [email protected]

WIth Gynecomastia Photo 1

The first photo is someone WITH Gynecomastia.
young man with Gynecomastia

As you can see from the image the chest has a tubular looking appearance and there is no obvious fat that would contribute to the very apparent man breasts.
This is a very clear sign that this person has Gynecomastia.

NON Gynecomastia Photo 2

This second photo is purely someone that is slightly out of shape and has fat which contributes to a breast area.
jack nicholson showing saggy old chest rather than gynecomastia

You will probably recognise that this is Jack Nicholson the famous aging actor.
Although you can see on some of the hobby websites that talk about Gynecomastia, this image is often labeled as having man boobs which actually mean they think he has Gynecomastia.
Jack Nicholson does not have the appearance of anything but a saggy chest from old skin which is natural.

This is clearly and obviously not Gynecomastia as you will understand if you continue looking at these comparison images.

With Gynecomastia Photo 3

To help you compare to the photo of Jack above with just old man saggy skin, we will now have a clear case of Gynecomastia.
This is a very extreme case and if you have this appearance of your chest, we are 100% certain you need Gynexin to help you with your Gyecomastia.
older man with gynecomastia


This is an older man that does have Gynecomastia rather than just sagging skin and flesh on the chest.
If you look at the actual shape of his body you can tell he isnt so fat even though he probably does have a few extra pounds on.
Clearly he is a little older but his body apears quite firm.

Without Gynecomastia Photo 4

Here is a nice pic of someone overweight that has chest fat rather than Gynecomastia.
If you notice, I am trying to have a comparison of not just with and without Gynecomastia but different reasons for an enlarged male chest area such as the saggy skin, extra fat, swelling, tubular Gynecomastia and just normal Gynecomastia.

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